Glass artists Stacy Quick, Bette Ebel, and Nika Martinekova are keeping alive a warm glass technique first developed in ancient Mesopotamia during the second millennium B.C..

Individual layers of colored art glass shapes are hand-cut and carefully arranged by the artists into unique designs before being placed in a kiln and fused permanently together at temperatures that often exceed 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heat work during the firing process is a carefully controlled combination of time and temperature that results in the desired look and finish of artsEnature jewelry.

The unique appeal of the inference color changes seen during movement in art glass jewelry is attributed to the use of DICHROIC glass.  Finding its way into the art world from use during NASA space exploration, dichroic glass absorbs and reflects different color frequencies resulting in beautiful flashes of color.

Each of our fused art glass products is thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted to achieve a distinctive look with an “artsEnature!”



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